RYA Day Skipper

Internationally recognized certification for your sailing adventures

HORIZONS Training Package

Requirements for your skipper’s license

In order to obtain the RYA skipper’s license (Day Skipper) you have to fulfill several requirements:

    1. Competent Crew
    2. Theoretical exam
    3. Practical exam

With our all-encompassing training package, we will ensure you have a seamless experience and get the best instructors and knowledge available.

Our offer

Competent Crew – if you don’t fulfill the requirements (see below), or would like a refresher, one of our partners will help you get started. We also give the option to do this with other students, as to lower the overall costs. In case you would like to integrate your Competent Crew training with your Day Skipper practical exam, please contact us.

Theoretical exam – our certified RYA Training Centre partners will assist you in learning all the necessary knowledge required for the practical exam. With an interactive web-based eLearning platform and direct support, you will be up to speed in no time.

Practical exam – the most fun and exciting part of obtaining your license is when you take control of your own sail vessel. Next to organizing the instructor and boat, we can also assist you with your travel, accommodation and permit questions.

Additional services – for additional options, such as trying sailing out during your holidays, feel free to contact us.



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    1. Contact us detailing your current experience and whether you require a Competent Crew training, and when you wish to do your practical exam (we recommend doing this outside of high-season)
    2. Once the time frame is arranged, we will handle the coordination of your practical exam, e.g. organizing a sailboat, instructor and accommodation if required – at the same time you will be given access to the eLearning platform to work on your theory – usually this takes around 3-5 weeks to successfully complete.
    3. With everything in place and you having successfully absolved the theoretical part, next is the practical part. This you can do with your family and friends (great opportunity for them to do their Competent Crew). While you will be learning a lot, this part is perfect for holidays.
    4. Congratulations – you are now a skipper! With your newly-acquired knowledge and RYA Day Skipper license, you can set off to your own adventures and discover the many Secrets of the Thousand Islands.



The cost structure is largely dependent on the practical exam, making roughly 90% of the certification process’ fee, and time of year you wish to absolve it. In general the total price is € 300/person for theory, and € 3’000/week for the boat incl. instructor (calculation made for 7 days in October, with a group of 4 people that makes € 750/person).

In order to reduce costs we suggest some of the following:

    • Theoretical exam in pairs or groups – our partners offer this option, and next to lowering costs, you will have a learning group to work with!
    • Practical exam outside of high-season – September and October are ideal as boat charter prices are lower and the weather is still nice.
    • COME WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY – not only will you be able to split the cost more effectively, you will also have an unforgettable experience!

For more details and your individual offer, please contact us.